Supplier Exhibitor Qualifications—Exhibiting companies must be engaged in or be associated with the metalcasting/foundry industry in areas of equipment, consumable products, processes, instrumentation engineering, and other applicable services related to the manufacture and processing of the cast product. NO USED equipment can qualify or be approved for Exhibits in the Exposition Hall. Only one company may exhibit in a single booth.

Internal/Contract Contact:

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To select a subcategory, first select a category, then a subcategory. To choose multiple subcategories under the same category, add a line and choose the same category and then choose the second subcategory (i.e. To choose two alloys/materials such as copper and iron, first choose Alloy/Materials, then choose the Copper, then on the next line choose Alloy/Materials, then choose Iron.)

Booth/Pricing Details:

Basic Booths:

$35.00 U.S. per square foot or $30.00 U.S. per square foot for AFS Corporate Members in good standing.

Booth Package

The booth package includes two complimentary full show registrations per 100 sq. ft. up to 400 sq. ft. of space contracted. One complimentary exhibits-only registration will be included for every 100 sq. ft. of space contracted over 400 sq. ft., and a reduced rate for additional exhibiting staff. Carpet is required and must be provided at the expense of the Exhibitor. Any furniture, equipment, electric, lead retrieval, and other services may be ordered at the expense of the Exhibitor as ordered through the Exhibitor Services Manual.

Assignment of Space
  • A deposit payment is required to reserve any booth space. Booth assignments will be at the discretion of show management based on a first come first serve basis.
  • Only one company may be represented per booth.
  • Show management reserves the right to change the official floor plan or reassign booth space for the best interest of the exhibit as a whole.

    If purchasing multiple booths, click on the “Add Booth” link and select the first booth, then click on the “Add Booth” link again to select the second booth. When entering your preferred alternate booth number(s) please separate each booth number in the field with a comma (ie: 1244, 1246).

    Note: Double-end cap booths are not permitted to ensure good sightlines for all exhibitors. However, a single-end cap booth plus an adjoining inline booth or two inline booth combinations (i.e. 1244, 1246 or 1246, 1248) are acceptable.

    Booth(s) will be assigned at the discretion of show management, based on a review of qualifications and the date the contract and deposit payment is received. No exhibit space will be assigned until the deposit is received.

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    Terms & Conditions

    Cancellation of Exhibit Space - Refund


    Any notice of cancellation or space reduction must be in writing. All payments are non-refundable after November 1, 2021, and may not be applied to other services. Payments due after notice of space reduction is received shall be reduced accordingly, however, all other payments shall remain subject to the cancellation policy, and Show Management reserves the right to relocate the Exhibitor in the best interest of the show.

    Click here to view the full Exhibit Terms & Conditions

    Please enter the name of the individual responsible for signing the Exhibit Space Rental Agreement and check the box indicating that you have read and agree to these Terms.

    Application is hereby made for exhibit space in the Supplier pavilion at the CastExpo 2022. We have read the Rules & Regulations, meet exhibitor qualifications and agree to abide by the terms therein plus any additional rules deemed necessary or appropriate by show management.