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SICK, Inc.
SICK, Inc.
Booth: 1803
Contact Info:
Address: 6900 West 110th Street
Bloomington, MN 55438
United States
New Products and Videos:
The TriSpector1000 is a stand-alone configurable sensor for cost-efficient 3D inspections. No matter what the shape, color or orientation of the product, the sensor is up to the challenge. Now...
CQ capacitive proximity sensors
Reliable capacitive proximity sensors enclosed in a rectangular housing

Capacitive proximity sensors can detect all types of material: powder-based, granulated, liquid, and solid – even thr...
Clever. Simple. Industrial.

The Lector62x is a compact, image-based code reader that is specifically designed for industrial requirements. Whether items are mobile or stationary, the Lector62...
Microscan safety laser scanner
The new generation of safety laser scanners

With microScan3 Core, SICK is starting a new generation of safety laser scanners for the protection of hazardous areas, entrances, and hazardous po...
Minitwin4 safety light curtain
The smallest light curtain with the highest protection level, PL e

The miniTwin4 safety light curtain is the smallest electro-sensitive protective device of its kind. It is mainly used at h...
OC Sharp
Chromatic confocal measuring technology offers maximum precision

The OC Sharp is a highly precise optical distance sensor based on chromatic confocal measuring technology. This measuring te...
OD Precision
Measuring each dimension with high precision

The OD Precision is a high accuracy, optical measuring system for measuring difficult object surfaces. In addition to glossy and dark black surf...
Reliable pin and press-fit inspection

The Pinspector quality control system is designed for highly precise non-contact measurement and position checking of pin connectors and pins at termin...
Ranger 3D vision
Fast 3D measurement and MultiScan for advanced industrial solutions

Ranger cameras offer high levels of flexibility and can be configured for a wide range of needs. With its fast 3D measure...
RFU62X RFID scanner
Short-range ultra high frequency scanner

The RFU62x is a UHF RFID read/write device suitable for sensing ranges of up to 1 m. The transponder communication is compliant with the ISO/IEC18000-...
STR1 safety switches
Compact, safe, and flexible

The STR1 transponder safety switch has monitored semiconductor outputs (OSSDs) and can be safely connected either individually or in series.

It can be used for ap...
TiM 2D LiDAR sensor
Sensor for area monitoring: small, simple, cost-effective

TiM1xx is a small, simple, cost-effective laser scanner for a wide variety of area-monitoring applications. It is the starter model o...
UC4 Ultrasonic sensor
Small, precise, ultrasonic

The UC4 ultrasonic sensor family combines state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology in a miniature housing. With reliable functionality in even difficult operating con...
WLL180T fiber-optic sensor
The WLL180T fiber-optic photoelectric sensor family provides the world’s fastest response time - only 16 μs. In addition, it offers superior sensing distances of up to 20 m and its high lig...
PSDI (Presence Sensing Device Initiation)
Thanks to the PSDI (Presence Sensing Device Initiation) function in the Flexi Soft safety controller, it is possible to control the press cycle in manual insertion presses using a safety light...
Flexi Soft safety controller
The software-programmable safety controller

The Flexi Soft safety controller can be programmed via software. Thanks to the modular hardware platform, Flexi Soft provides a tailored and effi...
About the Company:
SICK is a leading global sensor manufacturer. SICK's sensor technology has proven itself in all areas of the electronics industry - from chip production to complex assembly and inspection processes for computers, smart phones, tablets and other touchscreen devices. From detecting and measuring, to... (more)
Main Contact: Vikram Phadke
Vikram Phadke
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SICK, Inc.
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