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Booth: 1900
Contact Info:
Phone: +45 76251111
Address: Sandoevej 4
Horsens 8700
New Products and Videos:
TAGARNO FHD TREND digital microscope
This digital microscope enable you to customize the system to always serve as your favorite magnification tool for quality control and analysis by having the ability to add new features and us...
Focus stacking application TAGARNO digital microscopes
This video shows the focus stacking process with a PCB in 10 frames on a TAGARNO digital camera microscope to create an ultra sharp image of items with varying height by layering digital image...
TAGARNO FHD PRESTIGE digital microscope
Perform firmware updates for ongoing improvements and adding features
Magnification levels 1.6x - 591.4x on a 22" monitor
30 x optical zoom
60fps equals ultra-high frame rates
FULL HD / 1080p...
TAGARNO FHD ZAP digital microscope
TAGARNO FHD ZAP digital camera microscope can be positioned over inline work stations or larger inspection areas to be a great digitalized alternative to a traditional compound microscope.

TAGARNO FHD ZIP digital microscope
With FULL HD 30x optical zoom the depth of field is significantly improved and the user has an improved overview at minimum zoom compared to other digital microscopes on the market. 30x optica...
TAGARNO Verification lines application
The Verification lines application provides you with an opportunity to quality check objects based on accurate calibrated measures by placing vertical and/or horizontal lines as a layer on top...
TAGARNO Measurement application
TAGARNO Measurement Application enables you to perform precise measurements directly from your FHD microscope. You do not need an external computer to do measurements - you can just use our st...
About the Company:
Our most important task is to create new possibilities and applications to renew and optimize visual inspection in quality control procedures. With the extensive network of TAGARNO representatives, we are widely represented in the U.S. and ready to demonstrate products which meets with your... (more)
Main Contact: Tina Snehoej Nielsen
Tina Snehoej Nielsen
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