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ABBA Roller, Division of IRP Group
ABBA Roller, Division of IRP Group
Booth: 816
Contact Info:
Address: 1351 Philadelphia Street
Ontario, CA 91761
United States
About the Company:
ABBA Roller is the world leader in the manufacture and reconditioning of critical to function rollers used in the PCB Industry. We custom mill our roll covering formulations with special additives to transfer heat evenly and faster than conventional Silicones. Our proprietary precision grinding technology is scientifically verified via Laser Mapping, thus ensuring the avoidance of wrinkles. Our comprehensive inspection verifies that core profiles, journals & tapped holes meet all OEM specifications. Ask us about Hot Lamination, Pre-Heat, DES Squeegee, Liquid Resist & Web Cleaning Tacky Rolls.
Main Contact: Bob Cooke
Bob Cooke
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