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The Zippertubing Company
The Zippertubing Company
Booth: 3914
Contact Info:
Phone: (855) 289-1874
Address: 7150 W. Erie Street
Chandler, AZ 85226
United States
New Products and Videos:
Lightweight, Low Cost Aluminum Foil/Polyester Film for EMI Shielding

Z-Foil® is comprised of an Aluminum foil material with a laminated film of Mylar (Polyester) on one side and a pressure s...
Product Categories:
Snap-Grip® (AL)
PVC Jacket with SH1 EMI Shield, Snap Closure

Snap-Grip® (AL) is a commercial-grade PVC jacket laminated to an Aluminum foil EMI shield with a 15 AWG Tin/Copper drain wire and Nylon snap butt...
Product Categories:
Channel-Wrap™ (PFR)
Extremely Flexible Polyurethane Wrap-Around Robotic Cable Management with Hook-and-Loop Closure

Channel-Wrap™ is a wraparound sleeve that, depending on your environment, can be manufactured...
Product Categories:
Zip-Wrap® (PVL)
A Lightweight, Economical, Cable Management Solution That Features a Zipper Closure

Professionally bundle your messy wires or cables. Zip-Wrap® (PVL) is a lightweight, abrasion-resistant, zi...
Product Categories:
Z-Wrap® (PVL)
Lightweight Adhesive Closed PVC Coated Polyester Jacket, 10 Mil

Z-Wrap® is an economical, lightweight wrap-around jacket system for round, flat or rectangular cables utilizing Zippertubing's...
Product Categories:
Hook-It® (WS)
A Weld Spatter Resistant, Aramid Fabric Jacketing with a Hook-and-Loop Closure

Hook-It® (WS) is the best way to protect your valuable wire or cable systems from any type of weld spatter. The...
Product Categories:
Connector Cover™ (R-Track)
Premium 63-20 PVC Cover With An R-Track Closure, 20 Mil

Connector Covers consist of a .020" thick, high temperature PVC jacket material that meets Mil-I-631D, Type F, Form S, Grade C, and Cla...
Product Categories:
Zip-On® (63)
Zip-On (63) is an economical wrap around cable management jacketing with a soft, flexible, rubber-like texture for general purpose applications. It is made from black color 10-mil or 20-mil Mi...
Product Categories:
Z flex® (VNH)
Heavy Duty Abrasion-Resistant Flat Cable Jacket, 23 Mil

Z flex® (VNH) is an economical, heavy duty, pull-thru jacketing system for flat cables made from Zippertubing's type VNH-23. This conf...
Product Categories:
Lightweight Heat-Sealed PVC Coated Polyester Jacket, 10 Mil

ZTT™ is a single seam, heat sealed, tubular, pull-thru jacket made from Zippertubing's flame-retardant PVL-10 material and has an...
Product Categories:
ZT-Shield® (3250)
EMI Shielding Tape, Polyurethane and Ni/Cu/Polyester Shield

ZT-Shield® (3250) is a combination of fire retardant Polyurethane ZT-Tape® stagger bonded to a layer of Z-3250-CN shielding fabri...
Product Categories:
Zipper-Mesh™ (ALHTG-65)
A Custom Engineered Solution Proven to be one of the Most Protective Thermal-and EMI-shielded Jackets Available
The perfect protection on critical components in a demanding environment sites i...
Product Categories:
ZTT™ (ALR-550)
A Thin, Highly Flexible Thermal Heat Barrier Pull-Through Jacket Sewn with a Stainless Steel Reinforced Kevlar Thread.

ZTT™ (ALR-550) is a high-temperature, thermal-barrier, pull-through sl...
Product Categories:
Snap-Grip® (SAM-1000)
A Flexible, Rugged, Lightweight, Aluminum-Silicon-Coated Fiberglass Cable-Management Solution with a Snap Closure

Snap-Grip® (SAM-1000) is a rugged, cut-to-length, self-extinguishing, heat-r...
Product Categories:
HeatReflect® (ALS)
Lightweight, Highly-Flexible, High-Temperature, Thermal-Protective, Aluminum-Coated Fiberglass Tape - Up To 300°F

HeatReflect® (ALS) is a thin, lightweight, flexible, fiberglass-reinforced,...
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The Zippertubing Company Overview
When you’ve been in business for over sixty years, customers expect a lot more from you. The Zippertubing Company prides itself on exceeding that expectation.

Headquartered in Chandler, Ar...
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About the Company:
For the over 60 years The Zippertubing® Company has been custom engineering the most versatile protection ever manufactured for wire, cable, tubing and other materials. We offer wrap-around, repairable, re-enterable, flexible jacketing and shielding systems that feature multiple, unique closures... (more)
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The Zippertubing Company
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The Zippertubing Company
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