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Cognitive Surplus
Cognitive Surplus
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Address: Portland, OR
United States
Products and Videos:
Chemistry of Wine Stemless Glass
Raise this glass when you pass your comps, to celebrate a successful thesis review, or over a bottle of wine shared with your lab partner. (Keep the bottle all to yourself and you’ll be writ...
Whiskey Chemistry Lowball Rocks Glass
Our Whiskey Chemistry Lowball Glass is for people who enjoy lactones and esters and aldehydes – whether in their glass or on it.

The EtOH O'Clock Glass for the After Six crowd.

Each glass ...
Vintage Astronomy Large Sketchbook
This Astronomy sketchbook is emblazed with vintage illustrations of the “Visible Heavens.” Everywhere you look, the sky is spangled with stars and vintage drawings of constellations are ra...
Cephalopod Vintage Squid Illustration Tote Bag
Here's a worldly tote bag for lazy summer days on the pier or for watching turbid waves crash on the beach on stormy winter nights. This bag features a map from the voyage of the HMS Challenge...
Nikola Tesla Pint Glass
It’s for the birds! Invent new reasons to toast. Don’t drink alone. Invite the pigeons. Send a fax, answer your cell phone, and enjoy your favorite beverages with Nikola Tesla. Lightning u...
About the Company:
Cognitive Surplus is a design shop dedicated to creating high quality, scientifically accurate products using environmentally friendly materials. We source imagery from vintage textbooks and early scientific journals, and we hand-illustrate our own contemporary interpretations of scientific... (more)
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