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Sporkman is a superhero on a super feeding mission. He has a Spork for a head and Chopsticks for legs. He also has hug shaped arms that help limit contact with surface germs when set on a flat...
Organize food in the coolest meal serving experience ever! With the side connectors, you can snap together your plates and bowl however you like. You can even attach them to your friends' ModS...
Gator Grips
Have fun chomping on broccoli and shoveling peas with this fierce gator! The retractable head makes it easy and fun for kids to devour their veggies.

Radical Fun!
Crabby Grabby
Grab some nuggets or snag one of your mom's fries, but don't pinch your sister! The retractable claw makes it easy and fun for kids to gobble their protein.

Radical Fun!
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Free Shipping to the Continental United States on any size order!
Product Categories: Back to School, Children’s/Baby Items, Games/Puzzles/Toys - Children
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We believe in building up the next, best generation by nurturing the greatest innovators on Earth. It starts with nutrition and is sustained by creativity. A CALORIE IN=AN IDEA OUT Every product we make is a Fun Eating Device–a toy that you eat with. We are not only breaking the traditions of... (more)
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Crabby Grabby
Gator Grips
Baby + Child
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