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Dish Towel
JeevanKala's dish towels are crafted in Nepal with colorful handloomed cotton.
Handcrafted in Nepal, JeevanKala's napkins are made from hand-loomed cotton and feature brightly colored stripes in assorted colors. The napkins are colorfast and measure 20 x 20 inches.
Tote Bag
JeevanKala's tote bag is crafted in Nepal from handloomed cotton and features double straps made from upcycled tire tube.
Rubber Pouch
JeevanKala's rubber pouch is handcrafted in Nepal from upcycled tire tube. Available in three sizes, it's the perfect eco-friendly gift for men (and women!)
JeevanKala's colorful placemats are handwoven in Nepal from recycled snack wrappers. Available individually or as a set of six with matching handwoven box.
JeevanKala's ornaments are handcrafted in Nepal from recycled snack wrappers.
About the Company:
JeevanKala is a social enterprise committed to the economic development and empowerment of Nepali artisans. All of our products are crafted by hand with an eye toward social impact, from the use of locally sourced and recycled raw materials to the preservation of traditional Nepali weaving... (more)
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