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Le Blanc Linen Wash, Inc.
Le Blanc Linen Wash, Inc.
Booth: 2571
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Contact Info:
Phone: (813) 890-9450
Address: 6909 Benjamin Road
Tampa, FL
Products and Videos:
Original Linen Wash®
Original: This exquisite Floral Fusion of jasmine and hyacinth is brought together with light notes of apple and kiwi. Sunlit herbs, citrus zest, and precious woods form a base for this charmi...
Summer Verbena Towelwash®
Summer Verbena: Our Summer Verbena fragrance is known for its wonderfully mild citrus scent. This fragrance showcases the beautiful orange flower with a hint of jasmine and muguet. Fresh green...
White Flowers Silk & Lingerie Wash
White Flowers: Our White Flowers fragrance has a rich heart blooming with delicate layers of white gardenias, lilies, rose petals, and sensual jasmine. Sparkling citrus, sweet orange, and berg...
Green Meadows Downwash®
Green Meadows: Reminiscent of sunshine and gentle spring rain, Green Meadows opens with notes of sparkling citrus, violet leaf, and soft flowers while heady herbs float above a substantive woo...
Fields of Green Laundry Wash
Fields of Green: Fields of Green is an inspired classic laundry fragrance showcasing notes of lavender and bright citrus. Its exuberant base of fresh herbs, green woods, and a clean musk forms...
Portfolio Dryer Sachet 2-pk
Portfolio: The alluring Portfolio fragrance was inspired by refined designer fragrances. It opens with a citrus top note balanced by a floral heart of violet and sandalwood. Warmed by notes of...
About the Company:
Manufacturer of Specialty Laundry Products
Main Contact: Dana Del Rosal
Director of Sales
(813) 890-9450
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