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Modern Sprout, LLC
Modern Sprout, LLC
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Eco Planter Herb Kit
The ultimate accessory for an inspired kitchen, Eco Planters take the guesswork out of gardening. This all-inclusive kit comes equipped with everything you’ll need to start growing basil, ci...
Garden Jar - Italian Gift Set
A kitchen essential for Italian cooking, this Garden Jar set features three self-watering herb kits - Basil, Parsley and Greek Oregano. Each QT mason jar is outfitted with a passive hydroponi...
Amaryllis Bulb Kit
Combat winter blues with fresh blooms. Within weeks the Picotee Amaryllis bulb will produce large white blooms with a red pencil edge. Kits are stylishly packaged in a glass vase with a corked...
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Pollinator Push Gardens
HELP SAVE OUR POLLINATORS. Each Push Garden includes a curated selection of perennial wild flower seeds, nutrient rich grow medium, and instructions for planting a 1 sq. ft. garden patch. Made...
Kraft Seed Starter Kit - Cocktail
Cocktail-themed Seed Starter Set features three artfully curated seed kits that grow herbal companions to infuse or muddle in your fancy cocktails. Start by sprouting seeds indoors, then trans...
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Show special! All purchases over $400 receive free domestic shipping.
Product Categories: Decorative Accessories, Outdoor Living/Garden, Environmentally Friendly/Natural/Recycled Products
About the Company:
Modern Sprout is a mindful, minimalistic brand dedicated to simplifying indoor and urban gardening and refashioning the home hydroponics industry. Our planters are self-watering, self-feeding, soilless, and simple to set up, making them perfect for space-conscious city dwellers, absent-minded... (more)
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