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Phone: (929) 394-0981
Address: Room 1502, N. 2899 A, Xietu Road
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LIVEN JIXING Cosmos Tumbler (Swarovski Element)
Jixing Tumbler is inspired by the saying “He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars turn towards itâ...
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LIVEN Joy&Harmony Traveling Tumbler
With circle as the shape and combination as the philosophy, the tumbler implies harmony and broad-mindedness. If we can understand the idea of harmony, we will naturally become broad-minded an...
Octopus personal massager
Thermal Wave Massager Recognized with the IF product Design Award in 2015
One O One LIVEN Ceramic Tumblers
Inspired by the world traveller, this collection of travel mugs is named after one of the most iconic and tallest skyscrapers in the world located in Taipei. One-o-One embodies the building’...
Harmony LIVEN CLAY Tumbler
LIVEN CLAY products made by modern potter technology uses natural materials to continue cultural heritage, and shape artistic sentiment in life. In terms of technology, ACERA LIVEN CLAY series...
LIVEN Bloom Jar Set
Back to Back collection bears the message of “sustaining”
and “flourishing”. Inspired by the ancient Chinese
adage:“Generations within Generations” which is pertinent
to the inevit...
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About the Company:
ACERA, a Taiwanese ceramic brand founded in 1986, aims to integrate ceramic art into daily life to create a unique characteristic. ACERA applied their advanced craftsmanship techniques and knowledge to create its patented process in its development for their lifestyle product brand LIVEN, aimed at... (more)
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Main Contact: Virginia Yu
(929) 394-0981
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