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Shardz Inc.
Shardz Inc.
Booth: 9361
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Contact Info:
Address: 22311 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 111
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
United States
Products and Videos:
Moonlight Menorah
Moonlight menorah plays on the magic of moonlight, which is akin to the miraculous light of the Chanukah candles.
It’s available in two sizes :
Large 15”H x 12”W x 5”D
Small 10”H x...
Rock Candy Table
Rock Candy Table is a blown vessel filled with chunks of multi-colored glass which look like jewels. Because each level of the table contains more chunks of colored glass, the overall effect i...
Musee is based on soaring arches of Musee Dorsey in Paris. Muse echoes the grandeur of the building and the beautiful art within. It measures approximately 19H x 23W x 5D.
Picture Frame
Each Shardz picture frame is hand-blown and can display two pictures simultaneously (one on each side of the frame). The stems of the picture frame will match your shards.

The base of the pic...
Product Product Categories:
Flor D'Luz Candleholder
Floral elements of real garden.
It measures approximately
8”H x 14”W x 5’D
El Nino
inspired by large, powerful yet delicate waves of the Pacific Ocean, El Nino looks at the water during stormy weather. It measures approximately 23H x 19W x 9D.
About the Company:
Shardz creates hand-blown glass art. We make sculptures, mirrors, wall hangings, tables, menorahs, Judaica and custom lighting. We also do custom projects such as antique blood vials for the TV show True Blood and whisky and sarsaparilla bottles for the Lone Ranger.
Additional Info:
Company's Categories:
Gallery and Wedding
Handmade Designer Maker
Main Contact: Fay Miller
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