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THAO Tea Co.
THAO Tea Co.
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Cantalope Mint Green Tea
Awaken your senses with a minty sweetness. Sweet yet minty, you'll wish to enjoy this delightful tea on an exotic island getaway.
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Passion Fruit Red Rooibos
Exotic passion fruit beautifully blended with red rooibos will whisk you away to a land of tropical breezes and summer rain.
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Lychee Peach Black Tea
This refreshing black tea, with sweet brisk notes of lychee and peach, will help you escape to a world in which happiness is a right and not a luxury.
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Jasmine Oolong Tea
Fragrant jasmine flowers perfectly paired with delicate oolong tea will transport you to rows of blooming flowers indicative of spring.
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Cherimoya Rose Green Tea
Creamy cherimoya blends together harmoniously with pink rose petals in this green tea that will take you to a place where dreams are made.
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Ripe Papaya Black Tea
Bold and sweet, this black tea is almost as good as having the ripe papaya fruit
in your cup.
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About the Company:
Blender of certified organic premium loose leaf teas. Hand blend in small batches in Bay Area, California. Unique and exotic blends inspired by global palates.
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THAO Tea Co.
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