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Phone: (310) 254-5413
Address: 4845 Glenn Road
Santa Barbara
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7 Chakra Necklace
Seven Chakra Necklace

The ultimate tribute to the Goddess in you, the 7 Chakra necklaces is a necklace, which incorporates all of the chakras in one necklace.

The Chakra collection amulets a...
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Lava Mala
The key words that best describe Lava are— Fire and Transformation. It has the energy of The Phoenix. It was once pure fire in the form of liquid matter, which when cooled, formed into solid...
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Bird of Paradise Earrings
The Bird of Paradise Earrings
A symbol of elegance and grace, whimsy and magic. Adorn yourself in the Spirit of the Winged Ones!

24k fused gold on copper, wires 24k gold plated sterling silv...
Chakra Ring set
Chakra Ring Set
Chakra Ring set in Pure silver uses the following stones—The Muladhara uses Ruby.
The stone of passion, the energy of Ruby is that of the compassionate heart.
The Swadisthana...
Tara Turquoise necklace
Tara Turquoise Necklace
Turquoise supports the Visudha, or Throat chakra and carries the energy of the Earth and the Sky, bringing the awareness of our interconnectedness with all living thing...
3 Star Lotus on Rudrani
3 Star Lotus
The lotus symbolizes the unfoldment of the inner divine potential, the incarnate soul arising from the depths of the physical plane to the total enlightenment of spiritual rebirth...
Exhibitor Event Specials:
TULKU is offering a NY NOW event special—
50% off the minimum first time wholesale purchase.
$500.00 gets you your first time wholesale purchase of the rare and precious line of Tulku. As seen in ABC Home, the Chopra Center, Anthony Robbins Foundation and more. Come take a look.
Product Categories: Jewelry - Handmade, Inspirational/Motivational/New Age, Handmade/Craft - International
About the Company:
Tulku jewelry is caringly hand-crafted with consciousness by several loving hands, hearts, and souls to awaken its powerful quality. In keeping with Karla’s intention to bring the greatest blessings, support and peace to the people who wear Tulku, each amulet is carved in repousse by master... (more)
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Handmade Global Design
Main Contact: Karla Refoxo
Owner / Designer
(310) 254-5413
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