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Evergreen Crystal
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Twist bowl \
Twist Bowl designed with Hibiscus flower etched with sand carving.
Measures 9" x 9" x 3.5"
Flared Vase \
11" Flared Vase designed with a Peacock etched with sand carving,
multiple layers.
Cake Platter \
Cake Platter etched with sand carving, multiple layers with Leaves. 12"
Peacock Blue Wedge Vase \
8" x 6" Peacock Blue Wedge Vase sand carved multiple layers with an
Octopus design.
Light Blue Oslo Vase \
Light Blue Oslo Vase 9" etched with sand carving multiple layers with a
Sea Life theme. Etching done on both sides so you can see through
to the other side creating a 3 dimensional look.
Oval Vase \
10" Clear Oval Vase sand carved, multiple layers. Designed with a Bison.
About the Company:
Using some of the finest mouth-blown crystal in the world, the artisans at Evergreen Crystal individually hand carve each piece. Each one is signed. The carving process is quite painstaking, using carefully controlled blown sand to lay down each intricate layer of a given design, one at a time.... (more)
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Company's Categories:
Mireau Crystal
Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares
Main Contact:
(970) 240-4405
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