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Aquvii Co. Ltd.
Aquvii Co. Ltd.
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Skull parts ring
The ring that makes a skull when the three parts come together. Wearing just one part, or combining different colors will be interesting. It is a ring that you can play with multiple combinati...
Photo Pleate
A photo-like plate made in the ceramic city Tajimi of Gihu-ken. The prints are the photos from Paris. For a jewelry holder or a decoration of your room.

【Material】 :
Threader series
Yes you are right, we imitated the needle threader that everyone has seen. You cannot actually put the thread through…

【Material】 :
Brass(Charm,Chain),Stainless(P ierce)
【Size】 :
Spiral series
Pierce and necklace shaped like the dreamy spiral staircase. Can you go round and round to come up to the top?

Material】 :
Brass(Charm,Chain),Stainless(P ierce)
【Size】 :
Don't disturb Bag
A purse inspired by the sign saying “No need to clean the room” that you always see on a hotel room door. The other side of the bag works as the sign asking for room making.

Material】 ...
Lightbulb series
It does not actually light up, but we made it with a hope that you will always be in a bright mood. Let me say it again, it does not actually light up.

【Material】 :
About the Company:
Based on the “gifts” of the antiques, vintage parts, and inspirations that we have collected by traveling all over the world, we design and create items with a twist that makes people smile. The brand name “Aquvii,” which translates to “yawning” in Japanese, encompasses our wish that a... (more)
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