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Herb Family Co., Ltd.
Herb Family Co., Ltd.
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Puck candle
Puck candle is a DIY candle that allows you to create your very own scented candle by putting together 5-7 pieces of candle discs (which we call 'Puck') available in 75 different scents and co...
One third candle
One third candles are DIY candles that allows you to create your very own scented candle by putting together 3 pieces of different scented candles to create one whole candle. As the candle bur...
Color sola diffuser
Colored sola flowers are excellent in door decorations at the same time as designing your indoor atmosphere with great scent
Aronica white sola diffuser
Using various shapes and sizes of white sola flowers, Aronica diffusers are perfect way to add an accent in your room decoration as well as filling your space with beautiful aroma.
Wooden stick diffuser
Using carved wood as diffusing stick, wooden stick diffusers are ideal way to enjoy natural ambiance in your room.
Aronica and Puck candle Holiday gift set
We have redesigned Aronica diffusers and Puck candles for the up coming 2016 Holiday season. They are great gifts for your special someone.
About the Company:
In 1987 Herb Family was found as a Herb Farm and since then, we have been manufacturing thousands of products including diffusers, room spray, scented candle, sachet and more based on the continuous R&D at our perfumery lab and design team. We specialize in OEM / ODM and use automatic production... (more)
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