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According to Slavic proverbs, strawflower can help one find buried treasures and see things others cannot. Its sacred name is “The Immortal Flower” and it’s also believed to be able to s...
Frozen in time and in the heart of this orb Gypsolhilia represents tenderness and delicacy. This orb, will bring you care and confidence and there will always be someone to give you a hand whe...
The beauty of rose is praised all around the world. Since the dawn of time it’s used as a symbol of royalty and was placed on coats of arms to lead nations to victory. Thus, the year of a pe...
The symbolism of chamomile is derived from its Latin name that’s translated as “mother”. Its well known for its purity along with its healing qualities. With this Orb there will always b...
Named after Louis de Bougainville, a French admiral and explorer, this flower will bring you unforgettable journeys throughout the whole year. How are you going to afford it? Well, bougainvill...
In the heart of this Orb lies hydrangea - a symbol of modesty, hope and sincerity. It will bring you the most genuine and unforgettable feelings in the coming year.

We have reimagined the tra...
About the Company:
Holiday Orbs by Turbomasala are a new twist on traditional Christmas Ornaments. They are handmade, beautiful and, what's most important, meaningful and personal, as every Orb has it's own wish that's based on legends related to the flower inside. These wishes are hand-stamped on a hang tag... (more)
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