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Professor Puzzle Ltd
Professor Puzzle Ltd
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Set of 5 Great Mind's Puzzles
The Great Minds range from Professor Puzzle is a celebration of the most renowned minds throughout history. Each Great Mind has been thoughtfully coupled with a relevant brain-teasing puzzle a...
Matchbox Puzzles
These matchbox puzzles may be small in size but they pack a big punch! An eclectic mix of fifteen matchboxes, each puzzle has been carefully selected and designed to ensure that they are not j...
Puzzle Planet
In space, no one can hear you frustration! Puzzleman blasts into space with this twist on one of our best-selling puzzles. The premise is simple - twist and turn the space creature...
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No - it's Puzzleman, the block-headed superhero! Mission one is to transform the cube into Puzzleman. Mission two is to turn him back into a cube - mission impossi...
Colour Block Puzzles
Bold and bright - a puzzlers delight! This range of colourful classic wooden puzzles are a hit with young and old alike. Just take apart the pieces and rebuild the puzzle but be careful, it's ...
STEM Puzzles
Take brain training to the next level with this engaging range of wooden puzzles relating to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Guaranteed to puzzle and perplex, this range is p...
About the Company:
Were a young, exciting British company specializing in the design and manufacture of the best puzzles and brainteasers from around the globe. Our focus is on products that intrigue and amaze; are colorful and fun. Crafted from traditional materials and uniquely packaged, we create gifts that are... (more)
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