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NY NOW Summer 2016
Sri Toys Educational International (Pvt) Ltd
Sri Toys Educational International (Pvt) Ltd
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Contact Info:
Phone: (+94) 038-2235 x271
Address: Panadura 12500
Sri Lanka
Products and Videos:
18.217  Soil Puzzle
Soil Puzzle is our new introduction for 2016. It illustrates a cross section of earth and shows how the vegetable grows, underground animal life and layers of soil.
Log on to our website www.s...
14.913  Ten Elephants
Ten Elephants is an interactive puzzle which is simple and colorful. It contains ten elephants numbered from 1 to 10 and to complete the puzzle one needs to place the elephants in the exact n...
18.040  Letter Snake
Letter snake is a colorful puzzle of the alphabet depicting all the 26 letters in uppercase. This puzzle can be completed by organizing the puzzle pieces in the alphabetical order which will f...
66.633  Lowercase Letters
The collection of extra hand crafted 52 lowercase letters will encourage letter recognition and sequencing and allow children in building their first words.
The lowercase letter set comes with...
29.112  Christmas Play Set
The collection of figurines, house and Santa's sledge along with his wife and elves can be made in to an interactive story of how Santa travels around the world in one night to bring joy and h...
30.009   Noah's Ark
Derived from a classic Biblical story, our Noah's Ark set of small hand painted figurines of animals and the ark can encourage story telling, role playing and imagination in a group or individ...
Exhibitor Event Specials:
We will be happy to offer special discounts up to 5%-10% to the orders placed at the exhibition. If those companies are willing to build long term relationships with us we will be extending that discount up to two years.
Product Categories: Games/Puzzles/Toys - Children
About the Company:
“Happily delivering a child friendly, tangible product in an increasingly virtual world.” A child’s development lies at the heart of our company, a passion that has driven us to produce over 2000 designs since 1989. 25 years later we are still providing top quality toys to international... (more)
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Artisan Resource
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