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Emerson & Oliver
Emerson & Oliver
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Dia Charms
A star is used for bring or banish energy.
I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish, I wish tonight.

These tiny charms can be worn alone or as the perfect addition to you...
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Dia Charms
Birds of a feather flock together!

Feathers have many meanings...let this one keep you company!
These tiny charms can be worn alone or as the perfect addition to your set of Dia bracelets.
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Dia Charms
Like a bolt of lightning, make a striking statement! Did you know a bolt of lightening can toast 100,000 pieces of bread?!

These tiny charms can be worn alone or as the perfect addition to yo...
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Dia Charms
A bit of gold or silver to dangle down!
In collaboration with Interstellar Love Craft
Dia adorned with a silver or gold drop bar in a mini set
Charmed Dia is accompanied by 2 plain Dia bracel...
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DIA Bracelets & Charms
Say hello to your new daily drivers! These bracelets are made for the gal who puts her jewelry on and keeps it on 24/7. Dia bracelets will not tarnish or rust, so you can wear them at work o...
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Dia Bracelets
DIA bracelets have become a symbol of strength & solidarity.

"When you see another person wearing them you want to stop and say hello! like you should know each other because of these brace...
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About the Company:
Emerson & Oliver is a lifestyle brand. Offering Jewelery, Home & Childrens lines. Their jewelry line and DIA bracelets are the foundation of the company. These stainless steel spring bracelets are the perfect customizable daily accessories that can go from day to night, beach to black tie.
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E&O Jewlery.
DIA Bracelets & DIA Charms
Personal Accessories
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