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Seddons Industrial Heritage Ltd
Seddons Industrial Heritage Ltd
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Contact Info:
Phone: +44(0) 1925 268282
Products and Videos:
Antique Sand Timers
Sand timers made from hand crafted recycled wooden bobbins from the British Textile Industry
Antique shoe Mould Gifts
Antique wooden shoe mould, hand craft into unique gifts
Wooden Games from Antique wooden artefacts
Wooden games hand crafted from antique wooden artefacts from the British Textile Industry
Antique Bobbin Lamps
Hand crafted Bobbin Lamps made from unique wooden Bobbins from the British Textile Industry
About the Company:
Manufacturers of Gifts and Toys from Antique artefacts from the British Mill Industry. Gifts that are hand crafted from recycled wooden products from a bygone era.
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