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A beauty created by an ultimate simplicity is serene and dignified. Almost like a sculpture. Its diagonal opening has been dramatically cut giving us a very primitive impression and beautiful ...
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As if melting into the wall or obliterating its presence, it integrates itself in the background. Just like a mirror, it is always there so naturally that we sometimes forget about it, but cer...
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TIN CANISTER is completely handmade by Japanese tea leaf canister craftsman in Tokyo. Because of the great airtightness, it is perfect to store tea leaf, coffee, candies or any small stuff you...
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Plastics Co., Ltd has been leading the industry with No. 1 market shares for cosmetic display/booth design and manufacturing. MOHEIM is our new lifestyle brand that aims to find new standards of every scene of peoples lives. By welcoming Shigeichiro Takeuchi as a director, MOHEIM designs the... (more)
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