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Flower Power dish & cutlery drainer set
This dish-rack with drainage leaves your dishes dry and organized. Its versatility allows for mugs, glasses and cutlery basket to be placed on or hung from the rack.
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Lolaflor black sink side set with soap dispenser
Soap dispenser and washing up brush set. You can put either soap or washing up liquid in the dispenser. The brush will clean without scratching and is machine washable.
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Mia hob scraper with microfibre
Glass ceramic cooker scraper with microfibre suitable for both glass ceramic and induction cooker. The scraper eliminates the toughest residues, without damaging the surface and effortlessly. ...
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Mooo dish brush with soap dispenser
The Mooo brush liberates just the amount of soap you need by pressing the belly. You can refill it with soap from the base of the brush just by unscrewing the bottom.
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Flower Power toilet set
Keep your house in the spring season all year round. A fresh and fun design for an unloved corner of your house.
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Rengø lobby set
Lobby with an exclusive anchoring system.
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Welcome to a new version of the classic home, which has not only had its appearance redesigned, but also its usefulness. We are in Spain and in 44 other countries. Over the course of 50 years we have not only evolved doing what we do to enhance the quality and functionality of our products, but we... (more)
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Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares
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