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Silk Wool and Bijoux
Silk Wool and Bijoux
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Susa Bronze Collection
A beautiful Bronze statement necklace by a designer from Turkey. An elegant piece that you can wear with your formal gown, a beautiful piece that you can wear to work and a fun piece that y...
Mekong Delta Water Buffalo Horn Collection
A collection of jewelry for women who are environmentally responsible and want to wear beautiful jewelry as well. An up-cycled water buffalo horn transformed into wonderful designs in the hand...
korynty fine silver collection
Silversmith artisans of Peru inspired by the unique geography centuries long history and culture of Peru, create these beautiful designs using fine silver. some design reflect the window of t...
Winter fun Hand knit hats
Hand knit from merino wool and topped with up-cycled pom pom. becomes a warm, beautiful, fuzzy set with matching scarves and hand warmers. Made in USA.
inti baby alpaca  collection from Peru
This soft beautiful baby alpaca scarf for all women who love style and want to keep warm in winter including women who are allergic to wool. Baby alpaca is the only wool that is not allergic.
pestemal towels
These towels are very absorbent and dry fast. use as a beach towel, pool towel, towel for the bathroom, throw for the sofa, table cloth or you name a function artisans didn't think of yet. the...
Exhibitor Event Specials:
NY NOW Show Special - Order 4 or more pieces of same product number jewelry hats or scarf and get 10% off the price of each (Note lacquered water buffalo horn the 4+ must be the same color)
Product Categories: Fashion - Apparel, Fashion - Hats, Jewelry - Handmade
About the Company:
A provider of fun and unique accessories from around the world. Interesting fair trade jewelry from Vietnam, Turkey and Peru. Beautiful scarves from Turkey, Ireland and Peru. Featuring for the 2016 beautiful baby alpaca scarves from Peru, wonderful pestemal towels, exciting Vietnamese water... (more)
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