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Konzuk, Stellar Collection, Maia Major with Rigel Major, Necklace
The Stellar designs feature authentic diamond dust embedded in black-tinted concrete. The sparkle of real diamond residue, re-purposed into jewelry, elevates the tastefulness of the minimalist...
Konzuk, Stellar Collection, Fay, Necklace
Stellar, a new Konzuk collection of concrete-and-diamond jewelry. Inspired by iconic 20th century kinetic art and design, the Stellar line echoes the architectural principles of balance, rhyth...
KONZUK Signature Concrete Collection  Bracelets and Pendant
Architectural details inspired the beginnings of the avant-garde Concrete Collection. KONZUK was struck by the visual contrast and the difference in textures between stainless steel and concre...
KONZUK Coal Black Concrete Collection
The refined elegance of our popular signature concrete collection is enriched with the bold sophistication of coal black concrete.
KONZUK OrbisHue Concrete Collection
The OrbisHue Collection picks up from our internationally acclaimed Orbis line but on a grander scale. Eye-catching spheres, hand cast with tinted grey and black concrete, are elegantly displa...
KONZUK Discus Collection
For nearly 20 years KONZUK has drawn inspiration from contemporary works of art and architecture. The new Discus collection re-interprets the surface textures of sculptures by Richard Serra in...
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Konzuk aspires to create jewelry that is more wearable architecture than simple accessory. The collections are inspired by designer Karen Konzuks personal observations of architecture and sculpture; notably the work of Donald Judd and Richard Serra. Minimal form, unique surface texture, and... (more)
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