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ARTICLE22 designs to tell transformation stories of negative into positive. Peacebomb, our first collection of jewelry and home accessories, is handcrafted from detonated bombs in Laos. Turning bad into beautiful, the collection helps clear some of the 80 million unexploded ordnance and has... (more)
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Peacebomb jewelry is a modern and effortlessly chic line designed in New York and hand crafted from war debris by artisans in rural Laos. The collection offers a story line of classic and cool minimalist styles and a luxe line of design forward styles that mix aluminum war scrap with precious metals and stones. Each piece is at once part of history and a modern art form. Telling a powerful story of transformation of bad into beautiful, each piece helps clear unexploded ordnance contaminating land in Laos to make it safe, and in turn, generating more scrap metal for artisans to transform into new designs.

We wanted to take a modern approach to luxury by creating objects with cultural and material authenticity and a twist of innovation. Our new luxury relates our objects and our ideas.

NEW ! Beatrix Ost collection : Since 2015, artist and fashion muse Beatrix Ost has brought design talent and vision to ARTICLE22s New Luxe Line. With a shared ethos, Beatrix was inspired by the transformation story of Peacebomb. Her personal transformation story was skin cancer that left a Z-shaped scar on her forehead. Embracing this personal horror, she turned it into beauty by tattooing it light purple. Since then, she has designed an "art deco" collection of earrings, necklaces, and cuff bracelets made from peacebomb aluminum encasing precious stones.

NEW ! LOVE IS THE BOMB collection : ARTICLE22 motto collection Love is the bomb with necklaces , rings, and bracelet have travelled accross the glove to spread a unique message of peace : LOVE. Because Love and Peace start with us as individualsPeacebomb

Story Line : Signature and classic, this minimalist line is made in wood and ash molds from PEACEBOMB AL. Each piece is inscribed and tells the story of artisans who take a constructive approach toward the destruction wrought by war.

New Luxe Line : Abstract and refined, this design driven line is crafted with PEACEBOMB AL finished with semi and precious metals and stones. The line includes collaborations with New York based artist and fashion muse Beatrix Ost, London based architect Amanda Levete and Seoul based technology firm LG.
Handmade Global Design
Main Contact: Camille Hautefort
(917) 617-6509
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