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Adrienne Wong Art + Design
Adrienne Wong Art + Design
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Wabi Sabi Collection, by Adrienne Wong Art + Design
“The Wabi Sabi Collection” textiles features prints with a watercolor style, and the forms are enhanced by creating interesting effects with a wet and dry printing technique. The unique be...
Pen + Ink Journals, by Adrienne Wong Art + Design
“The Pen + Ink Collection” textiles are a meditation of marks on paper, where free form marks in joyful colors make up the repeats that encourage creativity within the blank pages. Unlined...
Nomad Collection
NEW! A selection of neutrals that focus on the art of painterly and inked textures. Paired with a natural linen back, the NOMAD COLLECTION is our latest in luxurious design, trend and color. T...
Nomad & Wabi Sabi Collection Accessories
NEW! Our fabric pouches pack a punch. Our favorite fabrics in a substantial cotton canvas, with patterns so pretty you can use it as a clutch. These make the perfect gift for someone on the go...
About the Company:
Adrienne Wong Art + Design embraces the Wabi Sabi philosophy and aesthetic through a refined process of design and artistic chance and discovery. The unique beauty of these imperfections take a life of their own and result in a collection of textiles that embrace a casual, livable luxury. Discover... (more)
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