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NY NOW Summer 2016
Lio&Linn -wood+metal-
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Midi arrow wall hanging
Native American inspired wall hanging.
Good change triangle gold ring
Salt and pepper rose cut diamond set in 14k solid gold.
All stone are unique and one of a kind.
Moon&shine incense holder
Solid wood and bronze combination incense holder.
Altanative wedding bands
Nature inspired and organically shaped wedding bands. 14k gold and palladium.
Arrow salt cellars
Native American inspired salt cellar. Birch wood and brass spoon.
Tiny pyramid gray diamond studs
2.5mm gray diamond is set in 14k solid gold.
About the Company:
We're a design studio producing handcrafted jewelry and home objects based in Brooklyn NY. We offer nature inspired silver and gold jewelry with unique diamonds. Also offer wood and metal combination home objects such as wall hangings, etched mirrors, wall decor and tableware. Each piece is... (more)
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