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NY NOW Summer 2016
Nicole Aquillano
Nicole Aquillano
Booth: 9161
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Trinket Dish
Perfect for just about anything, these trinket dishes are a sweet little addition to any counter or cupboard! Each piece is made of high-fired porcelain and each image is inlaid by hand with a...
Whiskey Cup
These little whiskey cups are perfect for anything you don't want to drink too much of! This little guy measures 3.5 inches tall x 3 inches in diameter. Also makes a great wine or juice cup!

Oil Dip Dish
Perfect for dipping just about anything, these fun dip dishes will have you craving a fresh loaf of bread to do just that! Nicole uses hers for olive oil and herbs!

Each dish measures 5.75 in...
Sushi Set
A rectangular serving plate complimented with a small dipping dish, perfect for sushi, serving, or on display! The rectangular serving platter measures 13.5 inches long x 5 inches wide x 0.75...
Olive Dish
Perfect for olives, jewelry, or out on display, these tiny long dishes are a sweet little addition to any cupboard! Each dish measures 7 x 1.75 x 0.5 inches - choose your image from Nicole's H...
Tiny Dishes
Show special! Mix and match any 20 of Nicole's tiny dishes for $300! Each dish is made of porcelain with hand-inlaid drawings. Choose from any of Nicole's images or work with her to create a c...
Exhibitor Event Specials:
Nicole Aquillano Ceramics NYNOW Show Special - Mix and match any 20 tiny dishes with any images for $300!
Product Categories: Handmade/Craft - American, Made in the USA
About the Company:
Nicole Aquillano Ceramics makes blue and white porcelain tableware with inlaid architectural drawings, focusing on bridges and landmarks from numerous cities worldwide. Each image is hand-drawn with a knife and a blue/black color is inlaid directly into the porcelain clay. Custom imagery is also... (more)
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