Iron Horse Firearms
Iron Horse Firearms
Booth: W2140
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Iron Horse Firearms is the home of the TOR (thumb operated receiver), worlds first and only thumb operated lower receiver. Our platform offers increased stability, reduced error from trigger manipulation, and an alternative for disabled and impaired shooters.
Iron Horse Firearms is offering following Shot Show pricing.
Stripped Lower:
MSRP $315.00
0-10 units, $240.00/each
10-25 units, $220.00/each
25-50 units, $210.00/each
50-100 units, $200.00/each

Complete Lowers:
MSRP $450.00
0-10 units, $359.00/each
10-25 units, $348.74
25-50 units, $337.49
50-100... (more)
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