Elite Iron LLC
Elite Iron LLC
Booth: 20311
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Elite Iron makes weapon and sound suppressor solutions that provide superior target acquisition, accuracy, and sound reduction for elite marksmen, hunters, and serious shooters. Elite Iron stainless steel and titanium suppressors are stronger, quieter, and lighter and available in 22LR to .50BMG.... (more)
ELITE IRON to give away 5 OP COMP muzzle brakes to SHOT SHOW attendees on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at booth #20311.

The OP-COMP muzzle brake is patented and virtually eliminates recoil. It is extremely effective for full auto fire and three-gun competition where a weapon must stay on... (more)
Categories: Shooting Range Equipment, Scopes, Sights, Telescopes & Accessories, Recoil Protection Devices & Services, Firearms, Firearm Barrels
ELITE IRON is giving away a REVOLUTION BIPOD to a SHOT SHOW attendee on Thursday, January 24th, at ELITE IRON booth #20311.

ELITE IRON has been researching and developing alternatives to the traditional bipod for years and has patented designs based upon deep experience of real world tactical... (more)
Categories: Firearms, Scopes, Sights, Telescopes & Accessories, Shooting Range Equipment, Law Enforcement Products & Services, Firearm Grips & Stocks
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