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Sorry patch
Despite what some pop stars try to tell you, it’s never too late to say you’re sorry. In fact, here in the Great White North, we’re constantly apologizing for things we did or haven’t ...
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Enamel Pins
Pin one on. Our pin selection keeps expanding with some fun and quirky designs. Add some flair to your apparel.
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Worst Place Ribbons
Reward sub-par behavior/efforts in the most creatively offensive way possible using these worst place ribbons. These vibrantly colored ribbons come printed with phrases like “world’s okaye...
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Wine about it  - wine labels
Quirky and fun wine labels used for gifting that perfect bottle of wine with the right amount of humor. There are labels for newlywed's, new babies and, of course, first world problems that ma...
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Jerk Balloons
What are jerk balloons? They’re balloons for jerks.

We have a line of 9 different balloon packages ranging from Birthday Jerk balloons to Jolly Jerk balloons. Unique balloons designed with...
Handkerchiefs - wedding and everyday
When Fairgoods brand director Shauna Hartsook got married last summer, and she hand-lettered vintage handkerchiefs for her bridesmaids. We loved them so much we wanted to create our own series...
About the Company:
Here at Fairgoods, we’re obsessed with type. That said, we’re not trying to rub our font fandom in your face. Rather than make references that you’d need a graphic design degree to understand, we use our knowledge to make beautiful products that everyone can enjoy. We love letters and we know... (more)
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