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Sri Lanka Export Development Board
Sri Lanka Export Development Board
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Giftware & Lifestyle products
Handmade giftware products
About the Company:
Sri Lanka has limitless potential to produce artisan products for the high end market due to our inherited craftsmanship, availability of creative and innovative skills, cultural diversity and availability of a variety of natural raw materials and ethical manufacturing. Sri Lanka is a signatory to... (more)
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Company's Categories:
Decorative ceramic products such as flower pots, vases, ornaments, figuring etc.
Natural throwaway twig pencils and pens
Recycled handmade paper stationery and gift items
upcycled wood stationery and gift items
handloom cotton bags and handloom cotton furniture
Hand made wellness products - bodyfoot and nail brushes, exfoliating brushes ans accessories. Bath mats, kitchen brushes, X' mas decorations (made out of Sisal, Jute & Coco Fiber)
Soft Toys, House hold Linen, Handmade jewellery
Designer Jewellery
Reed ware products
Wooden toys, play sets & accessories, Children furniture
Floral arrangements
Artisan Resource
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