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Spin Ceramics NYC LLC
Spin Ceramics NYC LLC
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12 Faces Vase Set
Bring an unconventional touch to your home or office with the 12 Faces Vase Set. Each handcrafted piece is totally unique and ready to add life and smiles to your space. Hands down our most po...
Seven Immortal Ladies
Perfect as vases or standing alone, these elegant handmade pieces add a modern, organic touch to any room. The Seven Immortal Ladies vases come in two sizes, petit and full size. The full size...
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Water Bag Vases - 2nd Edition
In a clever trick on the eye, the liquid form of the Water Bag Vase appears ready to slide off the edge of its pine base. The use of fire-hardened materials to represent this soft, fluid shape...
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Lotus Bowls
These nested Lotus Bowls recall the undulating lines of the lotus, long a Chinese symbol of purity and tranquility. Featuring our classic celadon white glaze as well as a unique black glaze, t...
Handmade Mugs
With a confident stroke from a practiced hand, the broad swaths of color capture the different depths and gradients of the cobalt blue glaze. These elegant pieces bring a contemporary, culture...
Food & Wine Party Plates
Ideal for entertaining, the Food & Wine Party Plate makes for effortless mingling. With one hand gripping the thumb fold and your wine glass resting in the notch, the other hand is free to wav...
About the Company:
Simply put, there is no one else out there like Spin. Combining ultra-modern design with the millennia-old tradition of Chinese ceramics, Spin's designers create stunningly unique form with function, all while keeping a whimsical sense of humor and playful irreverence for design norms.
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