Presenter/Committee Chair(s): 271 - 280 of 298
Presenter/Committee Chair
Tarja Rapala
Technical Director
EIPC-The European Institute for the PCB Community
Teresa Rowe
Senior Director, Assembly & Standards Technology

Teresa Rowe has over twenty-five years working for a defense contractor with responsibilities in quality engineering, training, and auditing functions in the production, maintenance and servicing environments....

Terry Ho
Technical Marketing VP
Shenzheng SISOLVER Technologies Ltd.
Terry Ho is currently Technical Marketing VP at Shenzhen SiSolver Technologies Ltd. He has been researching the solutions of PCB issues including the Specific Stack-ups (DK) simulation, accurate impedance simulation, copper roughness and Insertion Loss simulation for more than 12 years....
Terry Song
Suzhou Etron Technologies

Suzhou Etron Electronics Co.,Ltd is a high quality Electronics Manufacturing Services provider focused on delivering complete design, engineering and manufacturing services with an excellent track record, strong engineering expertise and experience....

Terry York
Regional Product Manager
Kulicke & Soffa Industries Inc
Terry is Regional Product Manager (EA / APMR) A Georgia Tech graduate (BSME, 1997) Started career with Philips EMT in 1997 as Product Engineer. Moved into Applications Engineering in 2000 and Product Management in 2009....
Tiberiu Baranyi
Technical Support Manager
Bio Available Soon
Tim Burke
Chief Technology Officer
Arch Systems
Tim is cofounder and Chief Technology Officer of Arch Systems where he works to accelerate Industry 4.0 by standardizing connectivity and data gathering across the fa...
Tom Scimeca, PhD.
Main Owner
EFT Plating Services
Tom is the main owner of EFT, a final finish plating shop catering to the printed circuit board industry. Tom has been involved in developing processes and chemistries in his work at both Florida CirTech and FCT Assembly....
Tony Lentz
Field Application Engineer
FCT Assembly, Inc.
Tony has worked in the electronics industry since 1994. He entered the industry as a process engineer at a circuit board manufacturer and worked there for 5 years. Since 1999, Tony has worked for FCT Companies as a chemical laboratory manager, production facility manager, and most recently a field application engineer....
Tony Senese
Group Manager-Business Development
Panasonic Industrial Devices
Bio Available Soon