Laser Ammo USA Inc
Laser Ammo USA Inc
Booth: 3843, 30009
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Laser Ammo develops and sells firearms training products. We are dedicated to providing serious training for serious professionals. Our products, including the SureStrike Laser training system, electronic targets, TAS sights, recoil and training firearms, MILES lasers,smokeless range family of... (more)
Orders of $2,000 and up:
o 5% discount
o Free: Premium Plus kit and LaserPET. (MSRP: $285)

Orders of $5,500 and up:
o 10% discount
o Free: Smokeless Range and Premium Plus. (MSRP: $664)
All prices are dealer pricing (29% discount)
Free POS Banner with order of $2500 (for first 10 buyers)... (more)
Categories: Wholesaler/Distributor, Training and Safety Equipment, Targets, Airgun & Airsoft Products, Law Enforcement Products & Services
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